Garlock Flat Washers are made from Non-Asbestos materials available for stamping through New Process Fibre in very high volumes as well as small quantities.  These materials provide some of the best performance characteristics in the industry for your Flat Washers applications.  There is a large selection of Garlock Sealing Technologies® materials to choose from.

Here are a few examples:

Series 2900
  • Arimid Fibre with several Nitrile Binders available
  • Good Utility Service Uses
Blue-Guard® Series
  • A blend of Aramid Fibre, Fillers and a selective of several elastometric binders
  • Excellent Sealing Properties
  • Typical applications such as Water, Oils and Gasoline
Gylon® Series
  • Restructured Teflon™ PTFE with Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Holds up to a wide range of chemcial compounds
  • Great bolt torque retention properties

All Washers are available in English and Metric Units.

Blue-Guard®, and Glyon® are registered trademarks of Glarlock Sealing Technologies®.

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Unit of Measure

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Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter


WAO280 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 0.468 Inch N/A 0.312 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
WAO338 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 0.468 Inch N/A 0.312 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
WAO176 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
WAO45 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 0.689 Inch0.720 Inch N/A 0.508 Inch0.539 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
WAO497 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 1.549 Inch N/A 1.246 Inch N/A 0.093 Inch
WAO242 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 1.625 Inch N/A 1.375 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
WAO535 N/A Garlock 3000 N/A 1.779 Inch N/A 1.528 Inch N/A 0.093 Inch
WAO282 N/A Garlock/Gylon 3504 N/A 0.828 Inch N/A 0.531 Inch N/A 0.031 Inch