Vulcanized Fibre is a laminated plastic composed of natural cellulose. Vulcanzied Flat Fibre Washers made from this material is an excellent alternative in many applications. One of the first plastics ever developed. Vulcanized Fibre is a tough, resilient material that is lighter than aluminum, tougher than leather, stiffer than most thermoplastics. Standard Colors available are Red, Black, White and Grey.  Other colors are available upon request.

All Washers are available in English and Metric Units. 

  • Good Impact Resistance
  • High Tear Strength and Smooth
  • Abrasion Resistant Surface
  • Can be punched with excellent results
  • Good Arc and Track Resistance
  • U.L. 94HB Flammability rating
  • Impervious to most organic solvents, oils, and petroleum derivatives
  • Vulcanized Fibre Flat Washers
  • Vulcanized Fibre is an excellent choice for use in oil

Typical Properties of Vulcanized Fibre

General Properties (HB-77) Thickness Commercial Grade Electrical Grade
Density (min.) 1/16" 1.15 g/cm3 1.10 g/cm3
Tensile Strength 1/16" 13.5 kpsi 0.015" @15 kpsi
Flexural Strength 1/16" 20 kpsi -
Compressive Strength 1/16" 35 kpsi -
Izod Impact Strength 1/16" 2.3 ft-lbs./in -
Mullen Burst Strength 0.015" 300 psi 270 psi
Dielectric Strength 1/16" 175 volts/mil 300 volts/mil
Arc Resistance 1/16" 100 seconds -
Water Absorption 1/16" 52%/2hrs. -
UL Flammability above 0.030" 94HB 94HB

Data Supplied by Toyo Fibre

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WAF145 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.202 Inch0.212 Inch N/A 0.086 Inch0.092 Inch N/A 0.028 Inch0.034 Inch N/A Gray
WAF660 N/A Hard Vulcanized Fibre N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.75 Inch N/A 0.031 Inch N/A
WAF2259 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 1.370 Inch N/A 0.447 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch N/A Gray
WAF683 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 1.720 Inch N/A 1.340 Inch N/A 0.04 Inch0.060 Inch N/A Gray
WAF2827 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.312 Inch N/A 0.132 Inch N/A 0.01 Inch N/A Gray
WAF2651 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.375 Inch N/A 0.156 Inch N/A 0.031 Inch N/A Gray
WAF2629 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.38 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch N/A Gray
WAF104 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.156 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch N/A Black
WAF689 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.187 Inch N/A 0.02 Inch N/A
WAF980 N/A Vulcanized Fibre N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.375 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch N/A Gray
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