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Vulcanized Fibre is a laminated plastic composed of natural cellulose. Vulcanzied Flat Fibre Washers made from this material is an excellent alternative in many applications. One of the first plastics ever developed. Vulcanized Fibre is a tough, resilient material that is lighter than aluminum, tougher than leather, stiffer than most thermoplastics. Standard Colors available are Red, Black, White and Grey.  Other colors are available upon request.

Unit of Measure



N/A Vulcanized Fiber

Outer Diameter

N/A 0.625 Inch

Outer Diameter Tolerance

N/A ± 0.005 Inch

Inner Diameter

N/A 0.187 Inch

Inner Diameter Tolerance

N/A ± 0.005 Inch


N/A 0.02 Inch

Thickness Tolerance

N/A ± 0.010 Inch