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Delrin® is a unique formulation of Polyoxymethylene (POM) developed by DuPont™. This thermoplastic is a high-performance acetal homopolymer resin with numerous desirable physical, mechanical, and chemical properties.

It is especially renowned for its durability, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Delrin® components can operate in a wide temperature range, displaying exceptional toughness in temperatures as low as -50oC and as high as 90oC.

These attributes make Delrin® perfect for high impact and heavily loaded applications such as gears, bearings, pumps parts, and vehicle components. Washers, in particular, are subject to a range of demanding applications, making Delrin® the ideal material for washer construction.

New Process Fibre extrudes Delrin® l in the following thicknesses and widths and can be made available in various Colored Plastic Sheets, and Continuous Rolls and Coils to your specifications.

Eight inch (8”) paper core is standard on full and trimmed rolls and on slit coils. Other sizes are available upon request such as 3” and 6” paper coils.

Thickenss Range Un-Trimmed Width Trimmed Width
0.020” to 0.093”- Sheets & Rolls 21” 19”

Delrin® Sheets are available in 24" x 48" and up to 24" x 96".

All Plastic Sheets, Rolls and Coils are available in English and/or Metric Units

Large array of Colors are available - Custom Colors can be produced as well.

Email us your requirements for Sheets, Rolls or Coils by clicking the "REQUEST INFORMATION" tab above and complete our on-line form and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.

Unit of Measure

Industries That Use Delrin®


N/A Aerospace and military Automotive Consumer and kitchen appliances Electronic and electrical insulation Fasteners Furniture Materials and equipment Plumbing Power tools