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Polypropylene sheets offer a cost-effective alternative to HDPE and LDPE products, delivering an attractive combination of rigidity, impact resistance and flexibility. Often used as a crystal clear packaging material, its high melting point of 160°C (320°F) makes polypropylene practical for use in heat-processed food containers and medical applications that must withstand sterilization in an autoclave. It also enjoys wide use in graphic arts, packaging and construction applications.

Thanks to Polypropylene’s ability to accept a rainbow of colors, New Process extrusion experts can offer custom extruded polypropylene sheeting in virtually any color imaginable.

All Sheets, Rolls and Coils are available in English and/or Metric Units.

Quantities can vary from small lots for prototyping to multiplied rolls for large production runs, in conformity to a wide range of specifications.

New Process Fibre extrudes Polypropylene in the following thicknesses and widths and can be made available in sheets, rolls and coils to your specifications. 8” paper core is standard on full and trimmed rolls and on slit coils. Other sizes are available upon request such as 3” and 6” paper coils.

Thickness Range Un-Trimmed Width Trimmed Width
0.007” to 0.015" - Rolls only 34” 32”
0.015” to 0.025” - Rolls only 35” 33”
0.025” to 0.187” - Sheets & Rolls 38” 36”

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