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Low Density Polyethylene Sheets are a corrosion resistant extruded material of highly branched Polyethylene prepared at very high pressures. Used extensively for films and packaging materials, Low Density Polyethylene exhibits a soft surface with low moisture permeability and tensile strength. It has good electric properties, a density of 0.91 to 0.94 and is easy to fabricate. The LPDE sheet is used in a variety of industries including Food Processing, Paper, Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Marine and Tanning.

Large array of Colors are available - Custom Colors can be produced as well.

All Sheets, Rolls and Coils are available in English and/or Metric Units.

New Process Fibre extrudes Low Density Polyethylene in the following thicknesses and widths and can be made available in Sheets and Continuous Rolls and Coils to your specifications. Eight inch (8”) paper core is standard on full and trimmed rolls and on slit coils. Other sizes are available upon request such as 3” and 6” paper coils.

For further information about Low Density Polyethylene, or to order a sample or supply of Low Density Polyethylene, contact a New Process Fibre customer service representative.

Thickness Range Un-Trimmed Width Trimmed Width
0.010” to 0.015" - Rolls only 34” 32”
0.015” to 0.040” - Rolls only 37” 35”
0.040” to 0.187” - Sheets & Rolls 38” 36”
0.187” to 0.250” - Sheets only 38” 36”

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