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PEEK, (Polyether ether ketone) Flat Washers or Spacers are stamped from a semi-crystalline thermoplastic structure with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. PEEK has a high resistance to thermal degradation with a melt temperature of 662 °F, (343°C).  PEEK exhibits excellent wear and chemical resistance properties. PEEK Flat Washers are used in applications for bearing parts and pump applications to mention a few.

A large array of colors and/or color matching is available on certain materials. Standard colors available are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange and White. Minimum quantities may apply for special colors.

All Washer Dimensions available in English and/or Metric Units. 

Performance Characteristics

Our In-House raw material production of extruded plastics and other non-metals offers unlimited material supplies with completely consistent, assured quality for PEEK Washers or Spacers.

  • Good Electrical Properties
  • Solvent Resistant
  • High Mechanical Properties
  • Our own in-house tooling department creates both Hard Tooling and Steel Rule Die Cut prototyping dies. In addition, a library of over 8,000 existing compound washer dies are ready for use with no extra tooling charges.
  • Wider dimensional parameters are a New Process specialty. Washers or Spacers can be created in materials from .010” to .187” thick, in sizes as small as .093” and as large as 12”.
  • High volume punch press capacity is assured by an inventory of 75 presses, with cost-efficient small units and high volume equipment capable of 400 strokes per minute.

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Unit of Measure

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Item #


Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter


N/A Peek N/A 0.221 Inch0.227 Inch N/A 0.066 Inch0.070 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
N/A Peek N/A 0.276 Inch N/A 0.126 Inch N/A 0.02 Inch
N/A Peek N/A 0.343 Inch N/A 0.194 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
N/A Peek N/A 0.375 Inch N/A 0.170 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
N/A Peek N/A 0.5 Inch N/A 0.255 Inch N/A 0.01 Inch
N/A Peek N/A 0.5 Inch N/A 0.255 Inch N/A 0.015 Inch