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Some of the world’s largest users of Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6, Nylon MDS (self lubricating) or Nylatron® Flat Washers, trust New Process Fibre as a source of constant component supply. The reason for customers to purchase Nylon Flat Washers from New Process Fibre? In a word, it’s capability.

New Process can handle more aspects of the Nylon Washer manufacturing process without outsourcing, for a more reliable supply chain and exceptionally consistent quality day in and day out.

A large array of colors and/or color matching is available. Minimum quantities may apply. Common colors available are Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Natural Nylon Washers.

All Washers are available in English and Metric Units. 

  • Our in-house raw material production of extruded plastics and other nonmetals offers unlimited material supplies with completely consistent, assured quality for nylon washers.
  • Our own tooling department creates both hard tooling and steel rule prototyping dies. In addition, a library of over 8,000 existing compound washer dies are ready for use with no extra tooling charges.
  • Wider dimensional parameters are a New Process specialty. Nylon Washers are available in the following thickness:
    • Nylon and Nylon 6 Flat Washers: 0.040" - 0.125"
    • Nylon 6/6 Flat Washers: 0.010" - 0.125"
    • Nylon MDS Flat Washers: 0.010" - 0.125"
  • Nylon Flat Washers are available in sizes as small as .093” and as large as 16”.
  • High volume punch press capacity is assured by an inventory of 75 presses, with cost-efficient small units and high volume equipment capable of 400 strokes per minute.
  • Glass Filled Nylon Washers are available from 15% to 30% 

Email us your part drawing(s) by clicking the "REQUEST INFORMATION" tab above and complete our on-line form and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.

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    Outer Diameter

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    N/A Nylon N/A N/A 2.730 Inch N/A 2.006 Inch N/A 0.062 Inch
    N/A Nylon N/A Black N/A 1.417 Inch N/A 0.256 Inch N/A 0.118 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 4.000 Inch N/A 0.813 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A N/A 0.5 Inch N/A 0.328 Inch N/A 0.063 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 1.24 Inch N/A 0.88 Inch N/A 0.060 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 1.505 Inch N/A N/A 0.062 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 1.515 Inch N/A N/A 0.062 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 0.815 Inch N/A 0.505 Inch N/A 0.093 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 0.485 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 0.085 Inch
    N/A Nylon 6 N/A Natural N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.620 Inch0.630 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch
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