Nomex® Washers are made from DuPont’s revolutionary heat and flame resistant fibre. Washers made from Nomex® yield the right balance of properties for use in many applications such as transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment. Nomex Flat Washers at New Process Fibre are typically made from Type 410 paper is the original and one of the larger grade types made and commonly used in our fabrication process. Other Nomex grades are available for Washer applications.

All Washers are available in English and Metric Units. 

        • Excellent choice for Electrical Applications
        • Mechanically very tough material
        • Resilient – Flexible – Reliable
        • Heat and Flame Resistant

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WAO11 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.625 Inch N/A 0.316 Inch N/A 0.01 Inch
WAO30 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.812 Inch N/A 0.410 Inch N/A 0.02 Inch
WAO442 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.100 Inch N/A 0.045 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
WAO277 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.156 Inch N/A 0.046 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
WAO314 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.161 Inch N/A 0.095 Inch N/A 0.01 Inch
WAO271 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.25 Inch N/A 0.06 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
WAO179 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.270 Inch N/A 0.180 Inch N/A 0.015 Inch
WAO317 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.335 Inch N/A 0.138 Inch N/A 0.01 Inch
WAO111 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.344 Inch N/A 0.130 Inch N/A 0.015 Inch
WAO425 N/A 410 Nomex N/A 0.370 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 0.027 Inch0.033 Inch
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