Fish-Paper Flat Washers or Spacers is a great choice application because they are strong, flexible, and made from fibrous dielectric paper. Fish-Paper Flat Washers or Spacers are resistant to moderate heat and mechanical injury. Fish-Paper Flat Washers are hygroscopic and must be treated with paraffin for use in moist environments. Some Fish-Paper incorporate mica layers to increase the dielectric strength while still giving good mechanical strength.

  • Available thicknesses from 0.005" to 0.031"
  • Light weight material
  • Easy to punch
  • Resistant to Heat and Cold conditions
  • Excellent physical stength properties
  • Great for Electrical Equipment applications such as Transformers
  • UL Recognized to 94HB

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Outer Diameter

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WAF769 N/A Fibre/Fishpaper N/A Gray N/A 1.343 Inch1.374 Inch N/A 0.510 Inch0.520 Inch N/A 0.009 Inch0.011 Inch
WAF144 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.203 Inch0.233 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch0.130 Inch N/A 0.009 Inch0.011 Inch
WAF951 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.260 Inch0.270 Inch N/A 0.124 Inch0.128 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
WAF1197 N/A Fishpaper N/A Gray N/A 0.312 Inch N/A 0.153 Inch N/A 0.031 Inch
WAF1046 N/A Fishpaper N/A Gray N/A 0.495 Inch0.505 Inch N/A 0.120 Inch0.130 Inch N/A 0.003 Inch0.006 Inch
WAF675 N/A Fishpaper N/A Gray N/A 0.718 Inch N/A 0.250 Inch N/A 0.093 Inch
WAF1783 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.760 Inch N/A 0.185 Inch N/A 0.031 Inch
WAF1256 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.900 Inch0.920 Inch N/A 0.400 Inch0.420 Inch N/A 0.0085 Inch0.0115 Inch
WAF1895 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.901 Inch0.911 Inch N/A 0.5 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
WAF1729 N/A Fishpaper N/A N/A 0.905 Inch N/A 0.725 Inch N/A 0.005 Inch
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