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What is Vulcanized Fibre?

One of the first plastics ever developed, vulcanized fibre is a tough, resilient compound that makes an excellent material choice for washers and gaskets in many applications. Comprised of wood pulp, paper, and rag material, vulcanized fibre outperforms many standard materials with its light, stiff, and tough qualities.

Vulcanized fibre is almost 100 % cellulose, and completely free of artificial additives like resin, binders, or glues. The material can be used to provide electrical insulation, strengthen wood laminations, surface drum cases and skid panels, manufacture automobile components, and much more. Base commercial grade fibre is available in grey, black, red, and white; NPF also provides other grades and colors upon request.

Benefits and Performance

Light and highly machinable, vulcanized fibre offers a long list of material benefits, including:
  • Good impact and abrasion resistance
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Superior, smooth bending
  • Easy machinability to punch, saw, shear, mill, and drill
  • Great arc and track resistance
  • U.L. 94HB flammability rating
  • Insolubility in ordinary solvents and imperviousness to most oils and petroleum derivatives, as well as alcohol, ammonia, benzene, and more


Because it can be easily manipulated through forming, molding, slitting, machining, or punching, vulcanized fibre can be used in an incredibly diverse number of ways, including - but certainly not limited to - the examples outlined below:
  • Washers, gaskets and custom tags
  • Automotive components
  • Electronics and electrical insulation
  • Plumbing and marine components
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • Aerospace and military equipment
  • Farming tools
  • Guitar bobbins

Standard Grades

Vulcanized fibre is available in five standard grades. The newest and most innovative, wood laminating, was developed specifically for low-glue pressed wood projects such as support beams, skis, and custom veneers.
  • Commercial Grade; for gaskets, washers, handles, gears, and similar components
  • Electrical Grade; 100 % cotton for layering and ground insulation in motors and tools
  • Trunk Fibre; durable and hard for skid panels, drum cases, and high wear applications
  • Bone Fibre; with exceptional hardness for tight machining, cut out fuses, pool cue tips, and more
  • Wood Laminating; for stabilizing and strengthening thin veneers and adding toughness and tensile strength to laminations in skate decks, paneling, etc.

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We are material specialists and are happy to recommend the ideal fit for the specific performance you need. Whether you choose vulcanized fibre or another material from our inventory, our team presses washers in both standard and metric units with a capability to design custom outside diameter, inside diameters, and thickness. We will achieve your specific tolerances and meet your requirements.

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Unit of Measure

Typical Properties of Vulcanized Fibre

Commercial Grade Minimum Density for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 1.15 g/cm³

Commercial Grade Tensile Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 13.5 ksi

Commercial Grade Flexural Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 20 ksi

Commercial Grade Compressive Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 35 ksi

Commercial Grade Izod Impact Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 2.3 ft·lb/in

Commercial Grade Mullen Burst Strength for 0.015 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 300 psi

Commercial Grade Dielectric Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 175 V/mil

Commercial Grade Arc Resistance for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 100 s

Commercial Grade Water Absorption for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness Per 2 Hour (hr)

N/A 52 %

Commercial Grade UL Flammability Above 0.030 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 94 HB

Electrical Grade Minimum Density for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 1.10 g/cm³

Electrical Grade Tensile Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness at 15 Kilopound Per Square Inch (ksi)

N/A 0.015 in

Electrical Grade Mullen Burst Strength for 0.015 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 270 psi

Electrical Grade Dielectric Strength for 1/16 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 300 V/mil

Electrical Grade UL Flammability Above 0.030 Inch (in) Thickness

N/A 94 HB



N/A Data Supplied by Toyo Fibre