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Kapton is a polyimide film, manufactured by DuPont Electronics is an excellent choice for Kapton Flat Washers in applications requiring a tough, chemically resistant material.  Used as Kapton Washers, they also exhibit superior electrical properties. It is a very stable material over wide temperature range from minus 273 to plus 400 degrees centigrade, (-459 to 752 degrees F).

Washers made with this material can be used in aircraft, x-ray and 3D printing applications to name just a few.

  • Typical properties* @23C
    • 231 Mpa - Ultimate Tensile Strength
    • 72% - Ultimate Elongation
    • 1.42 g/cc - Density
    • 2.5 GPa - Tensile Modulus
  • Typical properties* @200C
    • 139 Mpa - Ultimate Tensile Strength
    • 83% - Ultimate Elongation
    • 1.42 g/cc - Density
    • 2.0 Gpa - Tensile Modulus

* Information courtesy of DuPont Electronics. Kapton is a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont

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    N/A Kapton 500 HN

    Outer Diameter

    N/A 0.18 Inch

    Outer Diameter Tolerance

    N/A ± 0.001 Inch

    Inner Diameter

    N/A 0.038 Inch

    Inner Diameter Tolerance

    N/A ± 0.015 Inch

    Thickness Tolerance

    N/A ± 0.001 Inch


    N/A 0.005 Inch