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PTFE Washers

PTFE (Polytetraflourethylene) is an excellent material for your Round Flat Washers applications made with the incorporation of Teflon®. Neither water and/or water-containing substances nor oil and oil-containing substances are wet by PTFE and therefore yields excellent chemical resistance when PTFE Flat Washers are used in your applications.  Glass Filled PTFE is also available.

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What's your OD x ID x Thickness, Washer Tolerances and Quantity?

Showcasing over 8000 Washer Dies In-house!

If you’re looking for a specific Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter and Thickness we have the capability to produce Washers for you.

We build our own die-sets in-house and stamp Washers with quick turn-around. It doesn’t matter if it’s low or very high quantity.

We know our materials and how they perform in our process. We will achieve your specific Tolerances. To speak with one of our experts call Sales at 800-497-4520.

All Washers are available in English and Metric Units.

            • PTFE exhibits a maximum operating temperature great than 600 °F.
            • Excellent Dielectric Properties
            • Demonstrates good Dimensional Stability
            • Excellent Anti-Frictional properties
            • Exhibits High Compressibility, High Creep Resistance, and Low Thermal Conductivity
            • High Melt Temperature
            • Inert to most chemicals
            • Very Low Water Absorption Characteristics
            • Low Abrasion and Wear Resistance
            • Glass Filled PTFE is available

What is Teflon®?

Teflon® is a registered trademark and a brand name owned by DuPont and is used on a range of products. Teflon® is not a specific chemical or product name. (Source: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company web site.)

The Teflon® brand of PTFE is resin manufactured only by DuPont. Several other manufacturers make their own brands of PTFE which are commonly available in the marketplace.

What is PTFE?

The acronym PTFE stands for PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, which is the chemical name for a long chain macro molecule of Tetrafluoroethylene monomer.

Email us your part drawing(s) by clicking the "REQUEST INFORMATION" tab above and complete our on-line form and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.

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